I know I'm using way too many exclamation marks, but that's how I feel!!!

Dudes! So exciting! I just heard from my first student who is officially participating in my Summer Literacy Challenge!

She wrote a memoir and will be emailing it to me - I can't wait to read it.

This thing just might happen!


La Brown Girl said...

That is so cool! Yay! Our library is going to be open for the first time ever this year. I'm hoping to be up there a few days a week.

Joan said...

Awesome! One kid makes it all worth it, doesn't it? I bet you have more though.

Rachel said...

Hooray!!! I think getting even ONE response makes this a success, especially for the first year. I hope you have more! :)

teachin' said...

You guys were right! I heard from a second kid yesterday - she wrote a cute piece about her year in my class. Very sweet, and good sucking up. :) This is AWESOME.

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