Getting It All Done...Eventually

Every year, I resolve to hang more student work in my classroom. Every year, I get overwhelmed by every other damn thing I have to do, and my student work resolution always seems the lowest priority.

I know it matters, I really do, but when I also have to grade papers, and plan for the next unit, and complete data requests for upcoming special education staffings, and make parent calls, and deal with G/T testing and learning plans, and attend school events, and and and and and...getting stuff on the walls just doesn't much happen.

So today I bribed four boys to stay after school and hang some things. A bag of chips each, a few Oreos, and they were mine as long as I needed. They pushed each other and made semi-crass comments which I either studiously ignored or quickly corrected. After half an hour, 85 pieces of work that had previously been sitting in a pile by my desk graced my wall. Were they crooked? Yep. And edges covered other edges, and some corners were already peeling off by the time I left for the day, but they were up.

I can't get it all done myself. I don't like it, but I need to be okay with it, because if I'm not, then I won't get it done at all. I'll use colleagues when convenient, kids when I can, and recognize that delegating is part of life and part of success.

(Photo credit to Daquella manera)


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