So. Tired.

Do any of the rest of you find that Mondays are waaaaaaaay harder than they need to be because you didn't get enough sleep Sunday night?

Although I've adjusted my schedule on most nights to be in bed at (close to) my ideal bedtime of about 9:30, just doesn't happen. I sleep in Sunday mornings and then night rolls around and I am wide awake. And going to bed to just lie there and not sleep seems useless, not to mention frustrating.

I gotta start setting an alarm and getting up earlier Sunday mornings. Because this is ridiculous.

(Photo credit to jpockele)


Rachel said...

Mostly my issue is that my brain is racing over my plans for the week or anxieties about the next day. I sometimes have to take an OTC sleep aid on Sunday nights! The rest of the week is fine, tho.

Tracey said...

I'm on your schedule, and it isn't pretty.

teachin' said...

Rachel - I take Deep Sleep EVERY night (I'm the worst sleeper EVER) already. So lame.

Tracey - I feel for you. It's gotta get better, right?

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