So looking forward to explaining this to admin.

Awesome: Hearing the lockdown siren go off right at the beginning of my worst-behaved class and immediately going into action mode. Herding all kids to the front of the room, closing the door, turning off the lights, getting them seated and keeping them SILENT.

Less awesome: Realizing ten minutes later that oh, wait, that's not the lockdown siren, it's the new fire alarm, and we've spent the last ten minutes barricaded in our classroom rather than evacuating.


Four more days.


classroomscribbling said...

Ooooohhhhh. I'm cringing a little for you :-) Were you at least able to keep your class controlled for a few minutes?

teachin' said...

Oh, the kids were perfect - I could not have asked for better lockdown behavior. How they'd do during an actual fire drill, hard to say...

They did think it was HILARIOUS that I'd messed up so completely, but so did I, so that worked out!

Rachel said...

LOL ok, maybe it's too soon to laugh, but that's pretty funny. Hopefully you don't get take too much browbeating for it.

teachin' said...

All you can do is laugh, right? :)

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