I feel like a character from a Frances Hodgson Burnett story.

A week ago I came down with what I assumed was just another cold. A nasty one, sure, and in some ways poorly timed (although my big vacation plans involved a lot of sleeping and reading and hanging out, and my actual vacation activities have now consisted of those, plus drinking a lot of tea, so not that different), but pretty standard.

Today I was diagnosed with bronchitis and croup. Yes,
croup. Commonly contracted by the under-five crowd, particularly those living in Victorian novels, and me. I now have an inhaler, and cough syrup with codeine, and some antibiotics (just in case it's bacterial bronchitis in addition to the viral croup, since I'm on day 8 without getting much better).

At least Hulu has the first three seasons of 21 Jump Street. I heart Johnny Depp.

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OKP said...

Feel better soon!

Ricochet said...

Thank you for posting about 21 Jump Street - I "gifted" that to a friend (who also Hearts Johnny Depp) the smile on her face was AWESOME!!

She sent me the link to the poem I posted that you liked - see, the Internet makes us a circle!!

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