Triumph is mine.

Triumph (n): the joy or exultation of victory or success.

Example: when a self-professed hater of reading reads a book of poetry in two days, and then today, begs to continue independent reading because his book is so tight, and squeals in delight when given permission to read for another ten minutes.

Reading for the win - but Motormouth is the victor.


RKS said...

teachin' - the same thing happened to me this week! i've started giving my freshmen 15 minutes to just read at the beginning of class (i discussed how good reading is for their brains before we started this) and i now have some kids shouting joyfully when i say, "ok, get your books out!" it's a pretty amazing feeling!

and by the way, i am using poems from You Hear Me? with my sophomores and they love them :)

teachin' said...

Don't you just love it? It's something that might actually stick with them, a lot longer than a lesson on, say, the difference between a simple and a compound subject.

OKP said...

Teaching WIN!

teachin' said...

I KNOW!!!! And today, he said that this book will be the first chapter book he's ever finished. EVER. I said that was awesome, and he said no it wasn't because it's lame that he's in 8th grade and hasn't ever done it before, and I said that at least he wasn't going to finish middle school without ever reading a chapter book, and he was willing to give me that. Oh, so exciting!

Ahermitt said...

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