Happy Mother's Day!

Periodically a student asks me if I have children. Depending on my mood, I respond with something like, “I have 125 of you,” or, “I have plenty of you people here – I don’t need ‘em at home too.” Either way, I always acknowledge that no, I do not have children of my own, but that I do think of my kids as, in some ways, my kids.

Don’t get me wrong – I know I’m not a mother to them. But I care deeply about my students and their well-being, and frankly, this minimal mothering as all I can handle right now.

I work 55 to 60 hours a week (some weeks up to 65), between my time actually at school and the additional time I spend planning and grading at home. I can’t imagine how I could possibly do my job well and take care of my own children well. I fully believe this will change as I grow more experienced and get to a point at which I want to make it work, but right now I have no urge to do both, nor could I handle both.

Mad props to all the moms (and dads, frankly) who manage both. Happiest of Mother’s Days to you all.


Allison said...

Isn't it funny how people go into teaching so they can "do both". Teaching is stressful and not a fluff job. I think teaching used to be a lot easier and less stressful before testing; therefore, people still think that teaching is an easy job for working moms.

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I teach eighth grade Language Arts at an urban school. My kids kick ass and will change the world. I want everyone to know.
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