That could've really blown.

Today was our field day. It’s not a real field day with prizes and stuff – we just do it as a reward for the kids with all As, Bs and Cs, and then the others are in study hall trying to bring their grades up. The teachers who need to get some grading or organizing done take study hall rooms, and everyone else runs field day stations.

Though I certainly could have used the time inside, I spent the afternoon running the balloon pop and jump rope relay station, which was super fun. Basically the kids blow up a balloon, tie it, sit on it to pop it, and then jump rope down around some cones and back (maybe 30 feet). Although at first some of the kids think it’s kind of weird, they get really into it, especially because I get them all amped up with running commentary – I’m just like a sports announcer on ESPN, except with better grammar (burn to ESPN!).

Numerous times today, I caught myself shouting things like, “And Chrissy’s blowing her heart out! She’s blowing like she’s never blown before! Blow, Chrissy, blow!”

Yep. I said kids were blowing their hearts out. Shouted it to groups of twenty-plus.

And yet. Not once did a kid start snickering or even give me a second look. They were too busy cheering for their teammates and getting themselves ready to blow like they’d never blown before.

Thank god I teach sixth grade and not eighth.

(PS I’m better now.)


Allison said...

That sounds really fun. Our field day isn't that great. :(

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