A mixed compliment.

Early last week, DC and Oh Yes were rooting through my recycling bin. Oh Yes had a makeup social studies assignment to do, the same one that DC had done the previous day, but he was missing the word bank that went with it. DC was pretty sure that he’d tossed his in the recycling, so they started looking for it.

I was talking to a colleague when suddenly I heard DC say, “Um, Ms. Teachin’?”

“What’s up, DC?”

“We just found a picture of you in here and it says on it that Ms. Teachin’ is a big fat meanie.”

I laughed. “Well, you know, DC, I AM a meanie.”

He looked at me and very earnestly said, “Yeah, but you’re not FAT."

Apparently I may be cruel to the core, but at least I'm relatively skinny.


Allison said...

Oh yeah, apparently we all are "mean". We can't take offense to such a generic word, I suppose

teachin' said...

Yeah, when he said it, for a split second I was mildly hurt. But I know this kid well enough to know that it wasn't coming from him, and I was curious as to why he was telling me.

I will say that teaching has definitely toughened my skin - used to be that would have upset me for more than a split second. So that's personal growth, right? I may be mean but I'm enlightened! :)

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