Three of the posts I’ve read tonight have hit me hard enough that I’m sitting here with tears running down my cheeks. In a good way, I promise, a good way.

First was a post by Pissed Off Teacher. She wrote about a kid who came, with mom and sister, to thank Ms. POd for her support over the past four years. The actual post seems to have vanished, I’m not sure why, but two sentences: “They claimed she would not be graduating without my help. I know that is not a true statement.” That’s where the tears started. If you don’t read this blog…oh, you should. She blows me away, just about every post. I so hope I am half the teacher she is in twenty years.

Next was a post from The Reading Zone. Kids. Reading together. Talking about what they’re reading. Actually seeking out another copy of the book so they don’t have to fight over it. Oh my god I want to inspire my kids to read like that. For great book recs and more, check this out.

Finally, a post from John Spencer at Television and Teaching (notice how these are all alphabetized? Why, yes, I DO use Google Reader to read my blogs of choice). This blog is all about lessons we can take from TV to apply to the classroom. I love TV (I know, that’s totally not cool to say as an English teacher, I should be all about The Classics….so sue me), so I love this blog. Always starts with a TV connection and then gives advice. Rockin’. In today’s post, I couldn’t relate to the TV connection, but the advice I could certainly use. It’s about how to get to know your families if you teach in a low SES area. I realized not too long ago that I simply don’t know enough about the area in which I teach, and I realized that when a student said to me, “You really don’t know much around here, do you.” And that period? Is intentional. When she said it, it wasn’t a question, and that broke my heart a little bit. And I will change that. John’s suggestions are where I’ll start.

I feel so fortunate that I’ve discovered blogs like these, and so many more…they open my mind, but more importantly, my heart, every single day. To me, that’s the magic of the internet; I can connect with teachers I would never have otherwise met, never have otherwise even thought about meeting, and be inspired by them. I can only hope that someday I can inspire others in the same way.

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Melissa B. said...

Quite touching, indeed. And thanks so much for sharing them with us! BTW, trying to celebrate Sx3 and a college graduation today at the same time. We'd sure love it if you came by!

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