Take a ride...

...on the latest Carnival of Education over at Learn Me Good! My post on Slick is in it (AND featured on Joanne Jacobs - I feel so fancy, though both sites seem to believe I'm a man, but it doesn't really matter...). Also included are numerous other great pieces - I particularly enjoyed this post from Tracey of Walking the Dog. It's a lovely moment.

Go! Read! Enjoy!


Allison said...

That's so funny that they thought you were a man. I never thought you were a man. Weird!!

Tracey said...

Thanks for the shout out. I actually found the carnival through your blog; I read it regularly and enjoy your writing.

"I'm a dreamer but I ain't the only one Got problems but we love to have fun" -K'naan, "Dreamer"

I teach eighth grade Language Arts at an urban school. My kids kick ass and will change the world. I want everyone to know.
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