I Got Those Bookcase Paintin' Blues

I'm two and a half weeks out from my report date, but will start going in (at least for planning days for committees I'm on) late next week. And once I'm there, I'm there - I'll be all excited and want to get my room set up and desks arranged and all that jazz. So here's the thing. I got two bookcases this summer off Craigslist for free, offered to me by some lovely woman who read my please-help-a-lowly-storageless-teacher-out post on the site - LOVE Craigslist.

My donor and her father built the bookcases together 40 years ago, and while they are still perfectly serviceable, they are not the most attractive colors. The picture does not quite do them justice. One is what I would describe as a faded mustard, and the other....say, the sky over LA as seen through a thick layer of smog. I'd planned to paint them this summer, but, surprise surprise, somehow never got around to it.

So two questions. Is it worth painting the suckers now? They're classroom bookcases. They will be used to store binders. They are functional, which is what they need to be. But they're ugly, and I like pretty.

Second, if it IS worth it (remember, this calls for sanding, priming, AND painting - if I'm doing it, I'm doing it right), what color? I'd been thinking just go basic black, to match the three other bookcases I have right now, Not that exciting. Should I jazz them up? Chartreuse? Hot pink? Gold (one of our school colors)? Red, blue, purple and kelly green are out as I'm not looking to rep for any of the local gangs.



Rachel said...

hmm...Well you're a better person than me - I wouldn't have sanded, I would have only primed & painted! heh

If you don't want to spend the time now, it couldn't hurt to just use 'em as is and paint next summer. Once the shelves are full, you'll probably only need to pretty up the top, which you can always do by putting down some cloth/table runner & plastic flowers.

If you do choose to paint, though, I would suggest something bright. Like yellow, springy green, or pink. What color are the walls in your room? I always struggle to make mine bright & colorful. Oh another fun color could be orange - but not a dark or obnoxious orange.

teachin' said...

See, I figure if I'm doing it, I'm DOING IT and it better last YEARS.

I kinda like the orange idea, like a really clear, bright orange - like a marigold. My walls are white so no conflicts there. Thanks!

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