It's the most wonderful time of the year...

No, not Christmas, but in some ways even better: super cheap school supply season. Deals are coming in slowly, but I can feel them hovering, waiting for the right time to land, when I will swoop in and buy 50 packs of lined paper for a penny each. Love it.

So far the only major office supply store that's getting in on the action is Staples, and in my hood, they're selling 8-packs of pencils for a penny each. Ordinary people can only buy two packs at that ridiculous price, but teachers...ah, teachers can buy 25. Because Staples hearts the educators of America! And because they know we buy a lot of crap for our classrooms so it's smart to build good will. But mostly because they totally heart us! Right? Right.

This particular deal is only happening through tomorrow so you may want to
hop on over to Staples' website tonight to find out if the same rockin' prices apply at your friendly neighborhood store. Some of the districts by me report at the very beginning of August, so it's definitely time around here, but if you're an East Coaster and don't go back for six weeks still, you may have to hold off.

And nothing great at Office Depot or Office Max yet, but it's only a matter of time. Keep watching those circulars!

(Photo credit to
Claudia Snell.)


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