During one of my planning periods today, I was sitting on the couch in my room, grading. I'd taken off my shoes so I could sit crosslegged. At the end of the period, I got up to put stuff away and get myself back together.....and one of my shoes was gone.

At first I thought I'd just kicked it under the couch. But a quick peek revealed that nothing was under there except maybe some dust bunnies. I searched for a minute - then turned to the four boys who were in my room catching up on work. "Okay, where is it?"

"Where's what?"

"My shoe. Where is it?"

They looked at each other, a veritable tableau of wide-eyed innocence. Denials spilled out, one over the other, convincing, confused, constant.

I didn't care. I stood in the doorway. "None of you are leaving till I get my shoe back." The bell rang. They started to walk to the door. I didn't move. They stopped. High noon at the OK Corral and no one was giving an inch. A tumbleweed rolled past in the hall (okay, maybe a student ambled by - kind of the same thing), but I didn't even blink. In these situations, you can't even think about backing down or you've already lost.

Finally the standoff ended when Drama King grabbed a box. "Oh, maybe your shoe's in here." He flung the lid off. And there it was.

Two and a half more weeks. I can survive for two and a half more weeks, right? I don't even have to keep my eye on the prize - just my shoes on my feet.

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TeachEnEspanol said...

Well that's commitment on their part to actually seek out and handle your shoe. My students freak out with a chorus of "Ewwwwwww!" if anyone tries to take off their shoes for any length of time in our classroom so I can't imagine them being willing to touch the things. ;)

Ricochet said...

OMG my students commute to your school!!

Sarah said...

Close call! Glad he finally caved :)

teachin' said...

Yeah, I was shocked he picked it up at all - and then he was trying to dart around me to get out, but I was all Matrix-y with my weaving to keep him in (apparently I'm mixing my film metaphors now) and I triumphed. :)

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