Best note ever.

Yesterday in class, about five minutes before the end of the period, one of my boys (Drama King) very blatantly pulled out a piece of paper and started scribbling on it. He passed it to his neighbor, who dramatically scrawled back. Et cetera.

I ignored. I figured they were writing something ridiculous - something about liking pizza, or the Superbowl, or any number of other dumb things that 8th grade boys can write about. Didn't need to get involved. Until.

At the end of class, Drama King "accidentally" threw the note on the ground in front of me. "Oh no! I hope Ms. Teachin' doesn't notice our note!" he cracked.

"Seriously," Brilliant One, his partner-in-crime, agreed. "I really hope she doesn't pick it up and read it. That would be terrible."

"Yeah, way embarrassing. Boy, I hope she doesn't get it."

They were trying so hard; I had to play my part. So I picked up the note and read.

Drama King: Ms. Teachin' is a great teacher!

Brilliant One: I know! She's like one of the best teachers I've ever had!

Drama King: Me too! She's awesome!

Brilliant One: I'm so glad she's my teacher.

I kind of died. Because how cute is that?

Y'all, I know I say this, like, all the time.

But seriously?

We have the best damn jobs in the world.

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Sarah Garb said...

I'll tell you how cute it is: VERY. And umprompted by anything, too! I never take the declarations of my "best teacher ever"ness seriously when they come just after I've bought something new for the classroom....

Ann Carnevale said...

This just really made me smile.

teachin' said...

It's made me smile for days now!

オテモヤン said...
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