Livin' on a prayer (and a contract)

Another self-harm contract.

This is something we do at our school, when a kid seems to be potentially in danger of hurting themself; after the risk assessment, one of the next steps is for the student to fill out a contract about who they're going to talk to at school and at home, two people at each if possible, if they're feeling like they might do something really scary.

This is the third time I've been listed as one of the contacts. Once last year, once earlier this year, and today. It's kinda intimidating.

I just have to remember that kids are trusting me when they tell me the things they do, when they list me, that they're telling me because they know I care and I won't just ignore it or walk away or pretend that what's happening is okay. It's a gift, for a student to share their deepest secrets, shame, pain with me, and even if it's a burden, it really truly is the thought that counts.

But I fucking hate worrying that they're going to come to me with this particular crisis.


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