Too young.

One of my friends is going to a funeral tomorrow for one of his former students. We've only been teaching for three years....this kid had barely graduated from high school.

One of my students recently learned that a friend of his had been hit by a car. The car stopped, and the occupants jumped out and beat my student's friend to death with a baseball bat. Then they drove off.


(Image credit to L. Marie)


Ms. George said...

I've buried three former students in the last two years. The first died in her sleep (unknown heart condition), the second died overnight (accidental drug overdose) and the third, right before Thanksgiving, hung himself out by the pool shed in his backyard. His sister, whom I also taught, found him.

These things are never, never easy, and your friend will never, ever forget how this kid was in class and think about all the promise that is now lost. My thoughts are with him, and with you for supporting him and your student as he works through his loss...

teachin' said...

Oh my God....I can't imagine. I'm so sorry for all of your losses.

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