I've hit that point again. That completely overwhelmed, disorganized, out-of-time-and-way-behind point.

And it's two days after spring break.

That doesn't bode well for the next two months.

I think (and hope), honestly, that it's because of my trip. I did absolutely no grading the weekend before I left (or the ten days I was gone, honestly), and I usually spend maybe two or three hours per weekend grading or looking for materials to use in class, so I'm six to nine hours behind there. Plus I had to cram a bunch of papers into a drawer because I was out of time to file (that whole plane to catch thing) and didn't want my classroom to look like a disaster for my sub, so I can't find some of the stuff I need.

Guess I know what this weekend's going to be like. Ah well....I'll drink my fancy looseleaf green tea, suck on Chinese candies, and listen to a Chinese indie rock CD while I work, and I'll remember that it was all worth it.

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HappyChyck said...

I hate it when we suffer when we actually TAKE A BREAK during our breaks.

I started out of the building last Friday with no papers to grade, and the other 8th grade English teacher called me out on only carrying my purse. "I'm taking the annotated bibliographies home. I can grade those while watching movies." It was a good point, so I begrudgingly went back to my classroom to grab my stack of bibliographies. They're still in the trunk of my car.

During my first three years of teaching, my weekend fun was watching rented movies--while grading papers. It's not like it's a new concept to me, but sometimes it's nice to just take a break.

Good for you for just taking a break. The papers are ALWAYS there.

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