Buncha random stuff.

Also, apparently my insomnia is back. Yaaaaaaaay.

In other, less whiny news :), I had a nice thing happen right before I left for my trip. Holly Miller at emailed me to say that they were featuring my blog on their DK Daily Teach site. I went to check it out and I am indeed there! And the other bloggers listed are all people that are quite fancy and have much larger readership than me, like Mrs. Bluebird, Joanne Jacobs, NYC Educator and more. So that's neat! And the site itself looks interesting - I haven't explored it much yet (again, that whole being way behind thing) but I look forward to the opportunity.

Thanks, TeacherVision!

Oh, anyone have any great April Fools' Day pranks to play on students? I want something funny and creative (and not mean....). I figure I'll start by pretending we have a pop quiz, and then when they're like, haha April Fools', so lame, I'll admit that yes it was a lame prank. But THEN I want to have a GOOD one up my sleeve so that I can do something that they won't expect to be a trick since they'll think they already figured it out. Anyone?


Rachel said...

Congrats on your feature!!

Ohh that's a good April Fools' Day plan! Sadly, I can't help as I don't do anything at all. Mostly I'm on the defense. And the stories I hear from my friends are mean -- well, I guess it depends on your definition. One friend has a long powerpoint about a HUGE research paper. She says she's always surprised that she's alive at the end of it. lol But yeah, that might be too mean. :)

teachin' said...

Actually, I kinda love the powerpoint idea - maybe I can do that next year (no time to make it this year...unless you have it and would send it to me?). I just don't want to do anything that's directed against an individual student - that's what I consider too mean. Totally (temporarily) stressing them out? Whatev!

La Brown Girl said...

You can give them a directions quiz. I did that once. It was hilarious. I think I even posted it on my blog sometime in the Fall months.

La Brown Girl said...

Here's a link directly to the post.

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