Hey! I'm back! You may not have known I was gone, not just from the blog, but from the whole country, but indeed I was!

For spring break, I went to visit a friend living in China. She's only there till the end of May so it was kinda now or never. Though the trip was relatively short for traveling such a long distance, it was totally worth it.

We visited the Great Wall, learned how to make gong bao chicken (or kung pao, as I have always seen it listed, albeit apparently incorrectly), wandered around the Forbidden City, had our pictures taken by many Chinese people (some don't see a lot of Westerners and word is we're quite exciting), and just generally had a blast.

Tomorrow it's back to school. And although I could use one more day off to do a better job of unpacking and dealing with life, I'm in generally okay shape. Plus I'm excited to give my kids the presents I brought back for them - because of COURSE I got them presents. How could I not? They're getting pencil lead in adorable Chinese cases, Chinese candy, and their choice of either blank postcards, bookmarks, or money (1 yuan is worth about 15 cents and I brought back 25 or so - not a big expense).

Now I just have to get to school early enough to make all my photocopies that I didn't get around to before I left......

(Image credit to me!)


Sarah Garb said...

Sounds like an amazing trip! Your kids will LOVE the souvenirs!

Joan said...

I am so jealous! Your kids are very lucky. Welcome back. =)

teachin' said...

Thanks! It was fabulous - and the kids were generally very excited about the gifts. :)

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