"Can't I get it NOW????"

We're in the throes of our state tests right now; days and days and days of them. After kids finish each test, the only thing they can do (other than sit or sleep) is read. While some of them do just want to sit, most pull out their books as soon as they're done and dive right in.

Yesterday, the Chowhound came running into my room between his first and second blocks. I don't have him till third so I asked him what was up.

"Oh, I finished my book during the test so I need the next one." (He's reading the Bluford High series - so great for reluctant readers!)

"Okaaaaaaay....but I'll see you in half an hour [shortened classes for testing]. Can't you get it then?"

He stammered, "But - but - but we're not doing anything in math today, just having free time, and I want to keep reading! Can't I get it NOW????"

"Of course you can, calm down, it'll be fine!" We found the book and I wrote him a pass so he wouldn't be late.

A choice of free time or reading, and he chose reading.

God, I love my job.

(Image credit to luis de bethancourt)


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