Homework Return Rate

I assigned homework for the first time on Friday. The kids had to write me a letter introducing themselves; I’d written a model to them first, and I gave them a list of 10 or 12 questions that I wanted them to answer.

After we read the model and went over the requirements, I got verrrrrrrry serious. Did a whole spiel about how I take homework very seriously and I don’t assign it unless it really matters, how if they don’t do it at home then they’ll have to do it at school on their own time, how this assignment reeeeeeally mattered to me and I wouldn’t let it go. And then I let them go and hoped for the best.

Today, I started collecting it. First period – everyone had it except for two students. Third period – all but one. And so the day went. All told, only seven of my kids did not have their homework today.

Seven out of around a hundred and ten.

I think that is pretty damn good.

(Photo credit to cesarastudillo)


Tracey said...

I concur. Nice work.

Left Coasting said...


A solid "A," right? -- verging on "A+?"

Would you consider posting the appropriate (non-confidential) parts of your model? Be fun to see how you demonstrated the concepts to them.

laniza said...

That's awesome! I'm also interested in viewing your homework procedures. Would email suffice if you don't want to publicly post it?

teachin' said...

Tracey - thanks!

Left Coasting - I'll think about it - thanks for the idea.

laniza - I'd be happy to post my homework philosophy, but what I'd spent the time going over was the letter requirements (the questions I wanted them to answer). Are you interested in those too? Happy to share if so!

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