Sicky Sickerson over here.

This illness? Kicked my butt HARD. It's day 5, and I'm still just sick enough that I wouldn't be able to go into school if I was supposed to, as I haven't been fever-free for 24 hours yet. (It peaked at 101 on Friday; I'm normally around 97.4 so 101 is HIGH for me.) This is the sickest I've been in years, maybe over a decade. (It's not H1N1 though - I did go to the doctor just in case and they said they thought not.)

I've always been of the opinion that I'd rather go in if it's at all possible, that it's easier to be there and be a little sick than to be home and worrying about what havoc is occurring in my class. And maybe that's true, in some ways, but this has made me rethink that a bit. Because if I'd had kids and I'd gone in, I'd be spreading around some hard-core germs.

This is the type of virus that walks up to you, punches you in the face and demands your wallet, then comes back while you're still wondering what happened and kicks you in the ribs a few times just for fun. This is the type of virus that tells everyone it killed a man in Reno just to watch him die, and while you're pretty sure that's an exaggeration, a little part of you wonders if maybe it's not. This is the type of virus that would do something so crazy, so unbelievable, so offensive, that its story would be "ripped from the headlines!" to be featured on an episode of Law and Order.

This is not a virus to which you want to give access to people you care about. This is not a virus that you want to take lightly. Trying to play through the pain works when you've lightly twisted your ankle, not when you've broken your tibia.

I'm going to remember this virus next time I get sick, and I'm going to think hard before I decide to just take some Advil and skip merrily off to school. Sick days exist for a reason. I'm going to use them.

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Rachel said...

Ick, sorry to hear that! At least you can get it out of the way before school starts, I guess. Still...not the way anyone wants to spend summer!

I'm glad to hear you'll take advantage of those sick days. I'm someone who is a proponent of taking sick days. I figure that if I am getting sick, I'm going to get over it a whole lot faster if I just take a day, rather than slog through a couple days at school feeling low. So, if you need more rationale to help you feel better taking it, that's what works for me!

teachin' said...

Thanks for the reinforcement of my new philosophy! I know that whenever I do get super sick next, I'll be all, "Oh, I can totally power through or whatever..." so I'm going to come back and reread this then to remind myself of why I need to STAY HOME. :)

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