Trying to squeeze through a window before it slams shut...

I mentioned at the beginning of summer that BB Bob probably wouldn't be coming back to my school. His family moved during the school year to a different district, and they'd missed the choice deadline so that was that. I had BB Bob's little brother as one of my students last year; he was super sad that he wouldn't be coming back to my school. I offered to let him know if a choice window opened up over the summer, and he eagerly agreed.

Today I learned that the window IS open, but just till tomorrow. I tried to call but none of the phone numbers we have for the family work. I could try the emergency numbers and see if any of them have a way to get in touch with the family, but I'd have to access those numbers tomorrow and then that doesn't give them much time to get it done. It's better than nothing, I suppose, but I wish I'd heard about this earlier, or that I'd been able to at least get in touch with them today.

At least I'm trying, right?


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