Carnival of Educators - check that out!

'Sup, y'all? It's time for some carnival madness! We have a buncha good entries this round (though we can always use more....submit for next time here!), so settle in and get reading.

Mathew Needleman presents What to do When Children Cry in Class posted at Creating Lifelong Learners. Although I laughed so hard that I cried the first time I saw this video a while back, it's a serious topic when it comes to the classroom.

Erin Topping submitted a piece by Q6, described as, "a blog that doesn't update that often, but usually has some interesting things to say -- this one's a radical grading paradigm shifty thing": Grade Calculation, Student Focus, and Winter Sports posted at Assistive Principles . . .. And it is interesting indeed.

Sarah submitted THREE (love those overachievers!) and told me to I'm going with Confessions: Boundary Issues posted at Confessions of an Untenured Teacher. I totally get where she's coming from.

Pamela presents CreekSchooling posted at Blah, Blah, Blog. What a great experience....I want my kids to get to do more stuff like that!

Sarah Garb presents Hold Your Nose posted at Dead Class Pets. I like fries too....

Scott Palat presents Student Success Resolution #6: Get Help When Needed posted at Colleen Palat. Oh my GOD I wish they would do this.

TIC Technology In Class presents Whom Do You Help? posted at Technology In Class. I write a lot about the needy wacky kids, because they make for good stories....but I'm with the poster here. We gotta think more about the middle.

Georgina Baeza presents Mr. Hinz posted at La Brown Girl. I wanna be in the superhero teacher crew....

Sarah Ebner presents An education in good manners - are schools and teachers given too many parental responsibilities? posted at School Gate - Times Online - WBLG. Wouldn't it be nice to give BACK some of these responsibilities? Sarah's a rockstar, and she's got kickin' guest posters too!

Rhonda Franz presents School Choice and Student Discipline posted at Parenting Squad. This really is a HUGE issue. Like, ridiculously so.

Adriana presents How To Kill a Dream posted at Today's Life Psychology. You gotta keep your dreams.

Rachel presents Harris Burdick - Who's there? posted at Progressively Unnecessary. I know I'm a better writer when I think about who's reading my work.

teachin' presents Hell of a day. posted at I'm a Dreamer. I still can't even believe this day. Like...ridiculous. On so many levels.

Oh, and some list posts. I deleted most of 'em but these three seemed valid. (If I didn't include your list post and you think it was actually education related, comment, and I'll add it in.)

Florine Church presents 100 Creative Ways to Excite & Inspire Young Readers posted at Online Degrees.

Zach Macias presents 10 Essential Web Tools for Teachers posted at Online Teacher Certification.

Wise Bread presents How to answer 23 of the most common interview questions posted at Wise Bread.

Thanks to everyone who submitted - don't forget to keep 'em coming. Carnivals are always in the works, and YOU make them successful!


Ahermitt said...

Love it... thanks for hosting.

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