Doesn't matter if you're not TRYING to be rude...

Today's high was in the mid 70s. Everything's greening up and daffodils and crocuses are popping up all over the place. My local park is jammed after work; while I was running yesterday (week 1 day 3 of Couch to 5k - I can feel myself improving!), I saw two girls actually lying out in bikinis.

I have spring fever, and baaaaaad.

So last night I went and got my first pedicure of the season, and today I wore a cute new dress that I picked up in Beijing.

Now, I am not always the fanciest dressed teacher around. I wear jeans on our school pride days (because my school pride shirts are all pretty casual - hoodies and t-shirts and the like) and often one other day as well, and I wear a skirt maybe once every three or four weeks. Pants are easier when I end up sitting on the floor to conference with kids, y'know?

Thus I expected a few comments about my fancy-schmanciness today. And I got them.

Most were very positive.

"Ms. Teachin', you look so cute!"

"Ms. Teachin', that's such a pretty dress!"

"I love your outfit, Ms. Teachin'!"

Those were my girls. My boys were less sure what to say.

Sweet Child o' Mine went with, "Ms. Teachin's wearing a dress?"

Which I said was not the MOST complimentary thing I'd ever heard, so a friend of his countered with, "You look like a flower that's just....uh.....starting look like a flower." I said that was better; this is a kid who said a few weeks ago that I'm like a second mom to him, so I thought it was a sweet effort.

My favorite, though, had to be the student who came up to me after class. He looked at me and said, "Ms. Teachin', I'm not trying to be rude, but that dress kind of makes you look pregnant."

Yep. JUST what you want to hear about your cute new and, yes, empire-waisted summer dress.

I pointed out that just because you're not trying to be rude doesn't mean you aren't still being it.

He nodded, and kept staring skeptically at my midriff. "I'm just saying that's what it looks like...."

"No, honey, I'm not pregnant. I'll keep you posted, though."

Just then one of my girls came in for the next class and gasped. "Oh, Ms. Teachin'! You look so nice today!"

I called to the boy, "THAT'S what you say, my friend. THAT'S what you tell someone."

I don't think the dress makes me look pregnant; I can see where he got that, and it's not the most body-flattering silhouette, but since I'm not looking to impress a bunch of teenagers with my figure, I'm good with that. I will say, though, I did go ask a friend for reassurance. She said I looked very cute and not to worry.

Might not wear that dress again to school, though.

(Image credit to housingworksauctions - my dress looks NOTHING like this one, except for a similar waist-line)


luckeyfrog said...

I had a similar experience lately! I wore a new dress and I very rarely wear a dress or really dress up all that much. The kids all commented on it, one of the other teachers even told me I looked like a movie star.

And it made me feel good, but also made me feel a little embarrassed that I should step up the style a little more often. :)

It's funny how kids compliment, though. The girls usually get it better- they know that girls like to be told they're pretty. One of the boys said "WHOA. You look... different."

teachin' said...

I know - girls are WAY better in this arena. I decided that I too will start dressing up more, and I told a bunch of people what the kid in question said, and they were all appropriately indignant, so I feel better. :)

TeachEnEspanol said...

I ALWAYS have to work with my kids on not just saying any little thing that pops out of their mouths! Though I find that my girls are worse because they think that they're the fashion critics of the world. My favorite was when I get my haircut (my girls CLEARLY prefer long hair) and one of my girls looked at me and goes, "Oh, you got your hair cut. ... ... ..." She couldn't even finish the thought because she had nothing nice to say! LOL

teachin' said...

At least she STOPPED since she had nothing nice to say....

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