Carnival time is close....

....and I have gotten some awesome submissions (thanks!) but still want more!

So. Here's the deal. If you are reading this post and you have a blog that is related to education in any way....would you please do a quick post asking people to submit here by midnight Eastern time tomorrow (And. If you miss the deadline. Let's be honest - hit me up by Monday evening and I'll probably still work you in. See? That's how much I love you! That's how much I want your work in the carnival! That's how awesome you are!)?

Because, sure, I can go around and just gather posts I like from the millions of blogs I read (and I will if I have to), but I'd love to get more people submitting the work they want others to read. So any posts soliciting submissions would be much appreciated.

And. If you have not yet submitted. Do it. Do it now. Look at your posts, recent or otherwise, and choose one you like for any reason, and submit.

It doesn't have to be the most amazing post ever written in the history of the world; it just has to relate to education and be from an actual person. If you submit it and it's a real post and not just a spam list post about the 50 greatest things anyone could do in their classroom ever ever ever for reals yo (of which I have gotten about 20 and ain't none of 'em getting posted), then your post WILL be in the carnival! The point is to share ideas on education on a wider-than-usual scale, so that you find awesome new blogs and people who've never read you before find your awesome blog, and we all feel more connected and happy and yay!

So go. Go now. Choose one and submit and then come back on Tuesday and read the whole dang thing. It's gonna be sweet. For reals.


Rachel said...

OK ok you twisted my arm!

TeachEnEspanol said...

OK, I didn't read this until today...but I just wanted to let you know that I gave you an award over on my blog today for being fantastic! Come check it out when you get the chance. :)

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