Couch to 5K!

So I'm one week should do it too! I already am feeling better about it - my legs hurt less yesterday after day 3 than they did after day 1, which is quite encouraging! Do I love every minute of the actual running? No. Sometimes I don't mind it and sometimes I actively resent it :), but I'm so proud of myself for actually DOING it when I've never managed before.

I listen to Robert Ullrey's podcasts while I run - he tells me when to run, and when to walk, and says encouraging little things, and even though I know he's not actually talking to me personally, it still really helps to hear it. (Hmmmm....I wonder if I could harness that for my classroom.....) And other music/inspirational options are here.

In addition, I'm planning little treats for myself after each completed week; this week I bought some cute new spring exercise pants, and next week I'm planning on a new sports bra, so that helps too. And all my runner friends are being so positive and encouraging; it's awesome.

It actually makes me believe that I just might be able to do this thing....

(Joan, how's that for inspiration?)


Anonymous said...

my mom, sister and i are all doing this too. i am NOT a runner. never have been. but, i feel like i can do this. i started in feb, but had a devastating march and started over this week. we plan to run a 5k together sometime in the fall. once i actually get to the gym, i don't mind the running. i actually leave feeling good about accomplishing something so out of my comfort zone. good luck to you!

teachin' said...

Yay! I love hearing about other people doing this too! Good luck to us both!

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