Hook me up, yo

So I'm hosting the next Carnival of Educators, and y'all, I need some submissions. Send me anything you want - a piece you wrote that you're really proud of stylistically, something with intriguing or controversial ideas, a post about a problem with which you need assistance....anything that's not just a random list solely for revenue-generating purposes.

Know another blogger who should submit? Tell 'em! Or submit a post on their behalf - that's totally cool too (.....I think. Someone correct me if I'm wrong).

The former Carnival of Education was how I discovered a LOT of the blogs I now read, and I think we should keep doing the favor of collecting numerous quality posts from rockin' contributors in one place so that people interested in education can get a lot of goodness at once.

Let's do this thing.


OKP said...


Sarah said...

I just submitted 3 posts of mine. Hopefully one (or all) will work for what you're looking for -- I've never been part of a carnival before ;)

teachin' said...
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teachin' said...

Oh. Right. Deadline. April 25th, I think. Thanks for checking!

Sarah, thanks for the posts!

Rachel said...

Hm...I need to look and see if I have anything actually good. Probably not, as mostly I've been doing referrals myself.

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