Celebrate Good Times: Classroom Celebrations of Writing

Y'all, I am all kinds of happy and excited tonight. Today was as fabulous as last week was sucktastic.

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to celebrate the National Day on Writing somehow - it's an awesome idea and should be supported. So I brought it up to my department, and they all thought it was a great idea. We decided to do classroom celebrations of writing that day, and to read quotes about the value of writing over the intercom at the beginning of each period.

In eighth grade, we decided to have our kids share their pieces of writing about their meaningful objects and do a potluck.

It was FABULOUS. I brought Capri Suns and apples; kids brought chips, cookies, cake, even fruit salad and pizza. The kids practiced reading their writing out loud with a partner, then each got up and shared with the class. They ate while they listened to each other, clapped at the end, commented on parts they liked.....oh, it was so great.

Sure, I'm still way overwhelmed with grading and planning and everything....but this was so worth it. It's important to celebrate the good times, to value effort and commitment. I'm going to do more celebrations - probably not on this level, but something whenever we publish. I'm so proud of my kids and they're proud of themselves; we all should acknowledge that together.

(Photo credit to bfick)


OKP said...

WooT! So glad you got to celebrate!

teachin' said...

Thanks! It was delightful and I'm all about doing it all the time from now on. (Well, not ALL the time.)

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