How not to behave during parent/teacher conferences.

Mildly awkward: when a parent gets mad at their kid during parent/teacher conferences and starts lecturing the kid in front of you on the possible lifelong repercussions of their choices.

Ridiculously awkward and completely inappropriate: same situation, but SOMEONE ELSE'S KID. Complete with pulling up the pants leg to show bullet hole scars and saying that he'd smack his own kid's face if he ever talked like that.

Boy, Thursday night was fun.

(Photo credit to spaceamoeba.)


Allison said...


teachin' said...


Mister Teacher said...


I think the worst conference for me was the one where the parents showed up smelling like pot...

teachin' said...

@Mister Teacher - oh no - really? That IS terrible. I've had drunk parents before but not obviously high.

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