Always nice to be invited.

On Friday, I was standing in the hall before first period when Motormouth's sister SkateStar walked over to me. I had her last year as a sixth grader and we always got along well, so the combination of our own history and of my closeness with her brother means we chat a lot.

SkateStar asked me what I was doing that weekend. I said something about grading and meeting some friends, and asked about her plans.

"I'm having a birthday party."

"Ooh, happy almost birthday! How fun!"

She nodded. "Yeah, it's going to be great. We're going to Local Popular Skating Rink."

"Awesome! I assume by telling me, you're inviting me to the party," I joked.

SkateStar nodded again. "Of course."

I laughed. "Boy, wouldn't you and Motormouth be surprised if I actually showed up?"


"Yes you would."

"Well, I would, a little....but not Motormouth. He's not invited. You really should come though."

I laughed. "Thanks for the invite but I'll pass....I think it would be weird if I came."

Just then, Motormouth walked up. "Weird if you came to what? What're you guys talking about?"

"Your sister just invited me to her birthday party. I hear you're not invited, though."

"What! You're inviting Ms. Teachin' and not me?!?!?!?" SkateStar smiled sweetly and nodded. "Aw, that's messed up. That's real messed up. For real - that's not cool." Motormouth walked into the classroom, still shaking his head and muttering about the situation. His sister laughed, gave me a hug, and skipped off to class. I went inside to teach.

Obviously I didn't go to the party. Would've been really weird. Plus I didn't want to rub it in to Motormouth any more. But it's always nice to be invited!

(Photo credit to smaedli)


HappyChyck said...

It is nice to be invited! I did go to a surprise birthday party once when for one of my drama kids. Small town, I knew the family, the kid was like one of my own...but it was still weird hiding in his room with his friends and family. That one was just a little awkward. Skating would have been nice, though!

teachin' said...

I go to a lot of OTHER stuff that kids invite me to - games for their local leagues and stuff, almost a cousin's quincenera last year (though I got uninvited to that due to my student not actually having permission to invite me....:). Maybe I should've gone skating! There's always next time.

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