Just stay out. How hard is that?

The weirdness continues. Card Player has been told that he is not allowed to have any contact with me. At all. Can't talk to me, can't come in my room, can't stand by the door, nada. Mi casa no esta su casa. Which I think is appropriate, particularly in a covering-myself-so-I-never-get-accused-of-anything-inappropriate way. Because this is gross.

Last Wednesday, he was lurking outside my door, waiting for a friend. Okay, not great, but at least he didn't come in.

Thursday he came in. Didn't talk to me, just to his friends, and I sent the whole group out as I had a meeting, but not cool. So I emailed the appropriate people to say, hey, this is happening, I don't think it's supposed to, can we make it stop?

Friday he showed up again. Again, I sent everyone out. This morning I went and tracked down the behavior specialist who's involved. She was surprised and annoyed, as she'd been the one to tell him to stay away. She assured me she'd remind him of the expectations. I thanked her and went on my merry way.....

....till he appeared AGAIN after school today. WTF, y'all, WTF? I was leaving to go run a club so I shooed everyone out but was stewing about it a little bit. The behavior specialist happened to drop by the club, so I told her. Oh, homeboy's in trouble now.

And for the first time in my life, I know what it's like to be stalked. Not like this is anything near as intense as what some people experience, but still, it's pretty dang creepy.

We have one more day before the Thanksgiving break. Here's hoping this kid stays away at least tomorrow so I don't have to deal with it yet again.

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Deanna said...

Ugh, creepy. But I wanted you to know I came here through Tomato Nation's Donors Choose project and I love your enthusiasm! Do you have any other projects that need funding? The HP match cards came in today.

teachin' said...

Thanks for the offer, Deanna! I have another project in that I'm waiting to be approved, so if you'd rather fund something else now, I totally understand, but if you're willing to wait a few days, I can send you the link at that point!

Deanna said...
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