EduCarnival V2 Issue 11!

This weekend, we fell back an hour. I can never remember if that's Daylight Savings, or Daylight Spendings (okay, I know that's not really a thing) - all I remember is that I feel like I get an extra hour. So what are some teachers around the blogosphere using that extra time for? Oh my goodness, so many kickass things....

Darren of
Right on the Left Coast is using it for some of the many tasks that teachers do that actually have nothing to do with delivering instruction. (He is far more focused at school than I.)

Mo of A Day in the Life of a Selfish Brat is spending some time reflecting on how she got her job, and questioning herself. (Go cheer her up!)

Mathew Needleman of Creating Lifelong Learners is wondering how to get teacher education programs to address integrating technology in the classroom. (Any thoughts?)

Pat of
Successful Teaching is using it to connect to school board members near and far. (And I'm totally going to be using some of her suggestions to do it myself.)

Richie of
Bellringers is meeting high school newspaper deadlines....and doing it CHOCOLATE FREE. (A shiver just ran down your spine, didn't it? I know. An extra hour's not enough time for that kind of tragedy.)

Siobhan Curious of Classroom as Microcosm is applying a personally frustrating experience to her students' learning experiences, as seen through the lens of what sounds like a really smart book of Buddhist precepts. (I'll be adding it to my reading list! For, you know, when we fall back three days and I have the time to read it. What? That doesn't happen?)

Old Andrew of
Scenes from the Battleground is creating some handy negative correlation illustrations. (My favorite is the last one.)

Pissed Off Teacher is helping her students set some pretty dang useful goals. (I should try that with a few of mine.)

Joanne Jacobs is promoting a new way of training teachers involving mentoring that is far more extensive than our current system. (I think it sounds great! Plus the comparison to young doctors makes me assume it would be as dramatic as, say, Grey's Anatomy, and that'd be fascinating.)

Mister Teacher of
Learn Me Good is regrouping his thoughts around subtraction regrouping and questions that involve words as well as numbers. (His math tests are way more thought-provoking than I recall third grade being. I just had to, like, add and subtract and stuff.)

Mr. D. of
I Want to Teach Forever is hooking up his math teacher homies with a rockin' sounding game to help with number sense. (Sounds way fun to me - perhaps I should come up with something similar for parts of speech....)

Jose Vilson is thinking deeply and sharing generously about his writing process. (I super heart his simile from his title. THAT'S some effective figurative language right there, my friends.)

Mr. B of Docere Est Discere is reviewing a book that responds to a question we've all gotten a few times, and reconsidering how to answer that question. (I'm with him - you have to be willing to answer that question. I wish more teachers would.)

And I of
here :) have been worrying about my kids and the change of seasons.

Only one list post - peruse Rachel Holtz's article if you're looking for a change in career and
want some non-traditional majors. (#9, yo - Casino Dealer. Not for me, but totally badass.)

Boy. Will you just LOOK at everything that got done with that extra hour? Rock on, y'all. Keep up the good work, and don't forget to
submit for next week's EduCarnival V2! I think it'll be back at Epic Adventures are Often Uncomfortable, but keep watching there and Clix will let you know if it's going elsewhere.

(Photo credit to Mike Licht,


Clix said...

Yay! I've been battling something for a couple of weeks and it's finally sent me home, but now I have this to look at while I'm in bed.

Well, this and grading. :P

Great job, and thanks for hosting! I can't wait to read everything!

PS: yup, next week we're back at Epic Adventures :)

siobhan curious said...

What a great carnival! I can't wait to steal another extra hour so I can read all these. Thanks for hosting.

loonyhiker said...

Thanks for including me in this carnival! I've linked to this post from my blog. I appreciate you taking the time to host this week!

Pissed Off said...

Nicely done,thanks for the link.

Darren said...

Thanks for including my post. I've linked, of course :)

Mister Teacher said...

Thank you for including my late entry, and thanks to Joel for the reminder post!!

mybellringers said...

Thanks for hosting! Great job!

Jose said...

Thanks so much for including me in your carnival. Finally linked it on my blog.

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