I don't have time tonight for a real post, so a quick update will have to suffice:

* Going on a field trip tomorrow with our G/T kids - we're going to an independent bookstore so each kid can choose a book, taking a tour of the downtown of our closest city to expose them to some history of the area, and visiting an art museum for some culture'n'stuff. The kids are SUPER excited, as am I - when we're back, we're going to do a Socratic seminar on beauty (specifically, is it in the eye of the beholder or is it universal?) and it's gonna be suh-weeeeeeet!

* We're about to start a unit on commentary and I've spent the last hour pouring over Leonard Pitts' collection Forward from this Moment. I'm a little bit in love with Leonard Pitts now. I knew he was good, but DAMN. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, he...well, he makes me want to be a better person and stand up for things that should be stood up for. My only problem? Narrowing the columns I love to a reasonable selection. I've gotten it down to seven (from fourteen) but I need to cut to five. Husband's being enlisted to help because how can I drop any others?

* Feeling better from yesterday. Being back at school, seeing my kids, actually experiencing all the things I love and not just trying to remember helped. Immensely.

* I like how even my short posts are actually kind of long. Writing too little has clearly never been a problem of mine.

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"I'm a dreamer but I ain't the only one Got problems but we love to have fun" -K'naan, "Dreamer"

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