Just five more minutes, mom, pleeeeeeeease?

I love teaching.

I love my kids, I love helping them understand new concepts, I love reading their work, I love it all.

But this weekend has been delightful. I have done nothing school related except for read some stuff that I could potentially use in the classroom (some as content, some to inform my practice). I have cooked, and read, and watched movies, and hung out with friends, and walked my dogs, and slept in. I haven't stressed about our upcoming change or felt overwhelmed by planning and grading (though I sure will be come next week....) or had to help a colleague when I'm just squeaking by myself. And it has been fabulous. And I don't want it to end.

Is it a bad sign that I'm really, really, really not ready to go back?


Joan said...

Oh no, not at all!

I love my job too. I love it so much. But these days have been delicious.

I think it just means you spent a good deal of your break in the moment. That's a good thing! Just a few more weeks and it will be Christmas break! =)

Urban School Teacher said...

To say that I am jealous is an understatement! I did about 25 hours of school work over the weekend and have barely had time to do anything for myself for a few weeks. It may be time for a re-think of my choice of job/school.

teachin' said...

Joan - thanks! I am definitely feeling better today but it was a relief to read your comment and feel more justified. :)

Urban School Teacher - 25 HOURS? That is way too much. Most weekends I spend 4 to 6 hours on school work (which is STILL too much, considering that I work 10 to 14 hour days every week day) but 25.....ouch. I don't know that vacations are like in London but I hope you have a good long one coming up soon.

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